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Day Five
Home Rock City Ruby Falls


            8:00 Depart hotel.

            8:45 Arrive at Rock City.

            9:00 Begin walk through Rock City Gardens.  Throughout the exhibit there are many features to observe and discuss including amazing views of joints.  In addition, this provides an opportunity for students to differentiate between structures that are nature-made and man-made.  Throughout the walk, students should observe various rock walls and structures to determine their origin.  They should also note variances in the amount of weathering in different areas and between the nature-made and man-made structures.

            11:30 Depart Rock City and go to Chattanooga for a lunch break.

            1:00 Go to Ruby Falls.

            1:30 Arrive at Ruby Falls.

            2:00 Begin walk through Ruby Falls.  This walk is led by a tour so the pace cannot be controlled, but a digital camera will be taken so that the formations can be discussed later.

            3:30 Finish walk through Ruby Falls.

            3:50 Student presentation on karst topography.

            4:00 Depart Ruby Falls and return to hotel.

            5:00 Dinner break.

            6:30 Student presentation on cave formations.

            6:35 Watch a PowerPoint presentation with pictures from Ruby Falls.  Identify formations and discuss how they formed.