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Day Three
Home Carter's Dam Fault Lookout Mountain


            8:00 – Depart hotel.

            9:00 – Arrive at Carter’s Dam Fault.  Locate the fault line and identify the types of rock present.  Discuss faults and give an explanation of this fault. 

            9:30 – Drive to Carter’s Lake picnic area.

            10:00 – Arrive at picnic area.  Complete a mapping activity where you locate the major faults that run through Georgia.  Have a student presentation on earthquakes that have occurred in Georgia.

            11:00 – Depart Carter’s Lake and go to Chattanooga.

            12:30 – Arrive in Chattanooga for a lunch break then go to Reflection Riding Nature Preserve at Lookout Mountain.

            1:00 – Arrive at Reflection Riding Nature Preserve.  Allow students to explore the area.  They should take a notepad to draw illustrations of geologically significant findings and identify them and how they formed.  Then, these will be shared with the group.

            2:30 – Student presentation on Lookout Mountain.

            3:00 – Share illustrations with the group.

            3:45 – Go to fossil collecting site.

            4:00 – Allow students to search for fossils.  Students should use a guidebook to identify fossils.

            5:00 – Share fossils with the group.

            5:30 – Depart Lookout Mountain and return to hotel for dinner.