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Day Two
Home Panola Mountain State Park Stone Mountain Park


             7:30 - Depart hotel for Panola Mountain State Park.


            8:00 Arrive at Panola Mountain State Park and check-in with rangers. 


            8:15 - Student presentation on Panola Mountain.

            8:30 With ranger who will stop periodically and talk about the watershed,                   formation of streams, valley depth, knick points, joints, meanders, and the flood plain, hike the   Watershed Trail.

            10:00 Take a short break in the interpretive center where students can look at rock and   mineral samples and an explanation of the formation and geology of Panola Mountain.                 

            10:30 Depart for hike on Rock Outcrop Trail.  Stops along the trail will include views and discussions of weathering, soil creep, exfoliation, quarrying, contact, and the granite outcrop.

            12:00 Depart Panola Mountain State Park and stop for lunch on the way to StoneMountain Park.

            1:00 Arrive at the Stone Mountain Park walk-up trail.  

            1:15 - Student presentation on Stone Mountain.

            1:30 Begin up the trail.  Between the base and the flagpoles there will be observations and discussions of quartz veins, granite, variations in vegetation, and solution pits.

            2:30 Continue hiking up the mountain to the top.

            3:30 Arrive at the top and rest and have a snack.

            4:00 Return down the mountain.

            5:00 Drive around to the East Quarry Exhibit and walk through the exhibit.

            5:30 Go beyond the rope at the end of the exhibit into the old quarry and locate xenoliths and examples of exfoliation and discuss the environmental impact of quarrying.

            6:30 Drive around to the front of the mountain to discuss erosion and the eventual effect of erosion on the carving on the face of Stone Mountain.

            7:00 Return to the hotel for dinner.