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Fernbank Science Center
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At Fernbank Science Center, there are a variety of activities that would interest TIG students.  Fernbank has a Sprengnether long period vertical seismometer.  The seismometer sits on a concrete pier that extends three feet into the ground and constantly records earthquake waves.  There is also a Guralp digital vertical seismometer that is part of the Princeton Earth Physics Project.  TIG students can participate in the accompanying activity that requires students to find epicenters and Richter magnitudes.

Fernbank also has a weather data station that can be observed.  The weather data station measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and air pressure.  Fernbank also has a Data Transmission Network computer which downloads hourly satellite cloud images, 15-minute radar images, current weather maps, and forecasts. 

Finally, Fernbank Science Center has a wonderful planetarium with a regular program called Fernbank Tonight Live!  They have an open telescope where they will direct you to view interesting objects in the sky including the International Space Station, plants, the moon, comets, and asteroids.  They also give you a tour of the constellations in the sky that night and a lecture on a current topic in astronomy.