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Day One
Home Peachtree Center MARTA Station Fernbank Museum of Natural History Fernbank Science Center


            8:00 Depart hotel and walk to the Peachtree Center MARTA Station.

            8:15 Arrive at the Peachtree Center MARTA Station.  Allow time to observe the rock structure.  Distribute a geologic map of Georgia for students to locate the MARTA Station and identify what formation it is part of.  Share information about the Clairmont formation with students.

            9:00 Return to the hotel and board vans to drive to Fernbank Museum of Natural History

            10:00 Watch the Ocean Oasis IMAX.

            10:45 Discuss the IMAX.

            11:00 Visit the Savage Ancient Seas exhibit.

            12:30 Brief lunch in the dining room.

            1:00 View the Journey Into Amazing Caves IMAX.

            1:45 Discuss the IMAX.

            2:00 Visit the Walk Through Time in Georgia exhibit.

            3:30 Leave Fernbank Museum of Natural History noting limestone floors.

            4:00 Arrive at the Fernbank Science Center.

            4:15 Observe the Seismometers and complete Fernbank's epicenter and magnitude activity.

            5:00 Observe weather data station and complete a weather chart.

            5:30 Brief dinner break at local restaurant.

            6:30 Return to Fernbank Science Center and tour exhibit hall.

            8:00 Participate in planetarium program led by local astronomer.

            9:00 In the parking lot, complete a visible star estimation activity where students take a piece of paper with a 5x7 inch hole cut in it and choose an area of the sky and count how many stars they can see it it.  Then, they will determine how many of these it would take to cover the whole sky and multiply the number of stars by that number to determine approximately how many stars are visible here.  Note this number since this activity will be repeated in a rural area to see the difference.

            9:30 Return to hotel.